The Junior Golf Programs that Danford Golf offers at Palm Valley are great for every level of junior golfer. The primary goal of our programs are to create competitive junior golfers who eventually will play golf at the Junior High, High School and at the Collegiate Level. Danford Golf has developed a Junior Golf Player Pathway to help guide families through the journey of learning the game, introducing tournament play and creating goals to help Juniors reach their full potential!

Level 1 Programming

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Pathway to Advancement

For the junior golfers to advance to Level 2 and Level 3 Programs they need to play in and excel in our Developmental Tour events. To advance players are required to shoot a 39 or better for 9 holes starting at either 75 or 100 yards.

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Level 2 Programming

Program Benifits

→ Customized Long Term Development Package
→Golf Instruction Tailored to Player Skill Level & Age
→Coaches With Over 40 Years of Junior Development Success, and Award Winning US Kids Coaches
→Unlimited Practice During Academy Hours
→ Small Team Coaching Environment (6:1) & (4:1 as Levels Improve)
→ Tournament Planning and Goals
→ Monthly Developmental Junior Tour Events
→ Video Analysis During Practices

Add-On Training Options

This Add-On is great for all Juniors who want to play, learn and get to the higher echelon of junior players. This option added on with the week programs is a great fit for the serious junior golfer!

2-30 Lesson a Month for 6 Months- $89

1-30 Min Lesson a Month for 6 Months- $45

Contact Jared at 602-842-4653 to upgrade your junior program!


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