Danford Golf Instruction offers the most comprehensive golf schools in Phoenix.  Grip, posture, stance, and aim are the foundations of the golf swing and are also the foundations for each lesson with our school. When these foundations are incorporated correctly into your swing, you will begin to discover how your swing path and club face impacts the flight of the golf ball. Your Coach will be Jared Danford a class A PGA professional and the only TPI certified golf instructor in western Phoenix. During the lesson, Jared will evaluate each individual and develop a plan to optimize your practice time and to maximize each person’s playing abilities.

You want learn how to drastically improve your score?  Then the Scoring School is your best bet. During the scoring school you will get a chance to play 9 holes FIRST, then after your game has been evaluated you will then be coached on how to fix those errors and how to drop strokes!

This option is only available for 2 or more players. 

  • 3 hours in length
  • – $235 per player
A One Day Golf School program is just the thing for any golfer who is looking to improve some particular aspects of their golf game. These One day schools started at 9:00am. During the first 3 hours you will receive, personalized instruction, video analysis, notes and drills.

1 Day Additional Prices 

  • 2 players- $300 Per Player
  • 3 Players- $280 Per Player

2 Day Additional Prices 

  • 2 players- $400 Per Player
  • 3 Players- $350 Per Player

A Two-Day Golf School will cover the entire full swing and Short Game. These 2 day Golf Schools are designed for all skill levels. Over the two days you will receive 6 hours of personalized instruction that includes video analysis, swing drill, a practice plan and a 9-hole on course Playing Lesson with your instructor the second day. The two-Day Schools are great for golfers looking to improve all aspects of their game and really want a solid foundation to build their golf game around.

This lesson includes:

  • A V1 video analysis
  • Take home swing notes
  • Personalized TPI video Drills
  • A step by step practice plan
  • A 9 hole playing lesson on the second day

Total Investment

  • 1 Player- $450
  • 2 Players- $400
  • 3 Players- $350

During the 3 hour Short Game School you will learn all you need and more about the skill of Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Shots, and Putting. By the end of the lesson expect to cut 4 to 6 shots off your score.
By the end of the 3 hour session you will be able to:

  • Know when to choose a Chip or Pitch shot.
  • Understand how to use the “true” loft of the Sand Wedge and other short Irons.
  • Perform a quality chipping and pitching stroke.
  • Get your ball out of the Bunker every time and from all types of lies.
  • Read the slopes and new ounces of greens and how to deal with greens of different speeds.
  • Total Investment
  • (1 Player- $180)
  • (2 Players- $160)
  • (3 Players- $140)

1 Day


Per player
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • full swing
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Short Game


Per player
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • Wedge Play
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